Letter to Class of 2021

Dear Class of 2021,

Your finally out of middle school! It must be a relief to get out of there. Welcome to high school! Your not just coming to any high school. Your coming to THE Best High School. Franklin Heights is a way better experience when compared to Finland. This school is bigger, there are more people, and the teachers here are pretty chill(or at least the teachers I had were ok). To survive 9th grade though, your going to need to listen up. Your going to need to start off the year strong. Don’t be a procrastinator like most freshman(including me!). If you can’t stop your procrastination, at least try to keep at a low. If you want to be successful socially, just be cool with everybody and try not to get involved in any drama. All I can do is give you advice, but its your choice if you want to follow it. Good luck!


Gerardo Carranza

My Family Culture

My family consists of 5 people; my mom,my dad, my two brothers, and me. Both of my parents are from Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. I went to Leon when I was 12 to see my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. There were many beutiful sites there, but there are two that stand out to me. The first is when I went to the Zoo Leon. The Zoo Leon is the local zoo and it has a large variety of animals. When I want, we walked around the whole zoo. It took us about 4-5 hours and when we go tin the car, I buckled myself in and dozed off. Another site that was pretty cool was when we went to see the statue of the Pipila. The Pipila is the nickname of a local hero who helped get the Spaniards out of Guanjuato.  At the time, Guanajuato was the largest exporter of silver. Legend says that the Spaniards barricaded themselves in a warehouse full of silver. The whole warehouse was made of stone except for one part: a wooden door. The Pipila walked to the door carrying a large, skinny stone on his book to block the bullets of the Spaniards. He set the door on fire with tar and fire. The rebels outnumbered the Spaniards, and they barged in, killing all the soldiers. A monument was made in his honor in the city of Guanajuato. You can climb in the statue and up some flights of stairs to get a splendid view of the city of Guanajuato.

El Pipila by pegatina1

HItting Rock Bottom: Catalog Poem

Franz Josef Glacier by Jenny Vaughan-Coughlan

Have you ever felt like giving up on life?

Have you ever just hit the ground and not find the will to get up?

What if I told you

That hittng rock bottom doesn’t mean you can’t get out?

Hitting rock bottom just means things can’t get worse

It means that you can only get better from there

It means that you can only improve

It means that you’re on to the route to success

Object Poem

On The Periphery by Andy B

Young and forgotten,

Vital to life, yet ignored like the Sun.

Often taken for granted,

I stand lifeless & branchless

Am I really that hard to see?

Commenting Game

Is studying abroad a clever choice to make?

After choosing from 3 random people’s blogs, I stumbled upon 5owlsgoliath blog. Of all the posts, I saw one about studying abroad. I was interested on this topic, as I have a cousin who is currently studying in Switzerland. I read his post, and it stated a lot of valid reasons as to why studying abroad is a clever choice to make.

Stay away from Styrofoam

I chose to comment on this post because this is something that is current. This is also used by a lot of manufacturers

“Freshman Year”

I chose to comment on Lexie’s post about her freshman year. I chose this one because it is a topic that I can relate to and the way she described her freshman year made it relatable to mine.

“Googling myself”

I chose to comment on this post because there are many people who have googled themselves and have found nothing. I was interested in seeing if they actually found any pictures of them. I think that it’s weird, but kind of cool.

“About me”

I chose to comment on this persons about me page. I chose this because it seems like the only active people are from Austria or the US. I also saw that she had pictures of Austria attached and the scenery looks unreal.









College Tuition: Why it’s Not Worth It

It’s a lot of high schoolers dream to go to college and graduate with a bacholers degree. Let me just present a scenario to you. Imagine that you are an employer for a computer technology company looking for someone to hire. You have the choice of hiring 2 people: a student who just got out of college, has no experience in the field but he has his bacholer’s in this field; or there is also a man who only has his high school diploma, but he has 5 years of experience in this field, and a couple internships at some pretty big companies. Which one would you hire and why? Personally, I would prefer experience over a degree.

College Tuition: Why is it So Expensive and Is it Worth It?

The cost of college now-a-days is ridiculous, more specificly in America. It’s not rare for tuition to be $40,000 or more. Most people just suggest applying for financial aid and to get scholarships, but that still doesn’t stop people from being in debt somewhere in the 6 figures for a Bachelor’s degree. The sad thing is that many college grads will not get a job fresh out of college. According to “Daily Caller“, only 14% of the Class of 2015 had a career job lined up for after they graduated. This means that 86% still didn’t have a career job ready for after they graduated.

How to Comment

Many people are out here leaving bad comments on posts. It seems as though they didn’t even read the post and are just trying to advertise their blog(just like the Youtube comment section). I’m here to change that. I’m going to teach y’all how to leave good comments. First of all, you have to try to leave a comment that is relateable to the post your commenting on. The comment should also be a positive one. We have to try to keep good vibes around here. The comment should also be at least 3 sentances. If you want people to check out your blog, leave a good comment that will convince them to go to your blog. It’s that simple folks! Now go out there and show people your commenting skills. See y’all later.

I am simple yet complex

I speak a lot of words to some people, other people see me as simple

Four panels yet they are all blank

I can be mocked and duplicated by others, yet they’ll never be anything like me

I am old but never forgotten

Stare at me for minutes and you’ll se nothing

Stare at me for hours however, and I’ll let my secrets flow to you

I am what you see for miles during Winter

I am the list of friends who are going to hit you up during Winter Break

I am “White Painting”


Robert Rauschenberg White Paintings Facsimile, 1951